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Amplify Your Voice in Healthcare's Future

Become a Speaker

At Current Advantage, we champion transformative insights and trailblazing narratives. If you’re driven by passion and possess knowledge that can inspire, we invite you to join our prestigious roster of speakers. Together, let’s shape the next chapter of patient care.

Your Insights. Our Stage.

Do you possess revelations that could redefine our understanding of patient care? Is there a compelling story within you, teeming with the potential to inspire and guide? At Current Advantage, we seek voices that can herald transformation. If you’re armed with wisdom and enthusiasm, we provide the platform. Together, let’s pen a new chapter in healthcare history.

Your Mission as a Speaker:

At the heart of your content should be a genuine desire to share, enlighten, and uplift. We value peer-to-peer education, ensuring every dialogue catalyzes growth and collaboration.

Speaker Qualifications:

  • Case studies should be laser-focused on end users.
  • We welcome mid to senior-level expertise.
  • Consultants are invited exclusively for Pre-Conference Workshops.
  • Ensure your content is interactive and engaging.
  • Remember: we seek genuine insights. Pure sales pitches will not be entertained.

Speaking Opportunities Awaiting You:

  • Deliver an insightful 30-minute case study.
  • Lead an engaging 1 ½ hour workshop.
  • Engage in thought-provoking panel discussions.
  • Collaborate on co-presentations.
  • Take the helm as a facilitator.

Speaker Benefits:

Industry Recognition: Gain visibility and be recognized as a thought leader in your field. Your insights and perspectives will be acknowledged by a select audience of professionals and experts.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow industry experts, decision-makers, and innovators. These events are prime for forging valuable professional relationships.

Personal Branding: Enhance your personal brand by showcasing your expertise on a larger platform, elevating your credibility within the community.

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Speaker Application

Share your intent, your experience, and your passion. Fill out the form below and embark on a journey of influencing and innovating with Current Advantage.